RARA-AVIS: pseudonyms (was Ed McBain/Evan Hunter)

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 27 Nov 2000

Kevin wrote:

"Probably Michael Shayne was the most used pseudonym, but I wonder which HB writer used the most pseudonyms?"

Dennis Lynds (that is the real one among his many aliases, isn't it?) probably tops them both, but here are two nominees:

1. Donald E. Westlake: 2. Richard Stark 3. Tucker Coe 4. Curt Clark 5. Sam Holt 6. Thomas J. Culver 7. J. Morgan Cunningham 8. Edwin West 9. Alan Marshall

1. Lawrence Block 2. Paul Kavagh 3. Chip Harrison 4. Jill Emerson 5. Sheldon Lord 6. John Warren Wells 7. Lesley Evans

I've also heard Block might have been John Dexter, Andrew Shaw and Dr. Benjamin Morse.

And didn't someone mention a book which was supposed to have been written by everyone at the poker game?


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