Re: RARA-AVIS: Grofeld

From: Mark Blumenthal (
Date: 20 Nov 2000

 Doug Bassett :

> Oddly enough, I feel exactly the opposite. Just read
> _The Man with the Getaway Face_ and while I liked it,
> more or less, the whole thing left me rather cold.
> Although I think I understand what Westlake was trying
> to do here, I think, oddly enough, that he's almost
> too successful doing it. Hard for me to put it into
> words, but I actually find the Parker novels (I've
> read a couple of others) sort of dull. I think the
> Grofeld novels are much more entertaining -- maybe
> because Grofeld is a more appealing character.

I like both. The character Grofield is in four or five Parker books as well as the four only about him. Grofield is the lighter yang to Parker's virtully unrelenting yang. This is clear in the books that share the same first chapter, __TheBlack Bird__ featuring Grofield and __Slayground__ with Parker. Granted, Westlake has written about a lot of characters who are similar to Grofield, but there is only one Parker. I think the books succeed as a a mix between the grimness of the Parker books and the humor of many of Westlake's other books. Of the four I like __The Damsel__ best. Mark.

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