From: sakana@stlnet.com
Date: 18 Nov 2000

the A&E catalog has a 3 video set available with the above title. the description is as follows:

"take on 6 mysterious cases with raymond chandler's toughest detective philip marlowe. in the 'dirty 30s,' marlowe's los angeles is the real sin city-- a fallen world where glamorous appearances mask sordid deeds. a town filled with cons, high rollers, low lifes, pretty dames, and men on the make. join marlowe as he combs la's seedy sidestreets, smoke-filled barrooms, and elegant hollywood mansions. set includes: pickup on noon streets, guns @ cyrano's, trouble is my business, spanish blood, blackmailers don't shoot, and red wind."

so, here's my question: what is this?! has anyone seen it? is it any good? who plays marlowe? any info would be greatly appreciated.

martha fischer sakana@stlnet.com <mailto: sakana@stlnet.com> >

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