RE: RARA-AVIS: a question

Date: 14 Nov 2000

G. Pelecanos, writes:

Joel and Ethan broke with the tradition begun by Hammett [in Red Harvest]
 and carried on by Kurosawa and Leone, and gave their
> protagonist a name (Tom Reagan), but the source material, once again,
> remained uncredited.

Greetings to DC's Finest (missed you at the door), but having said that I have to express my usual scepticism on the Kurosawa borrowing idea. We argued this at length once upon a time, and I'm just old enough to have forgotten all the excellent points I undoubtedly made (?)...but I don't remember that anyone came up with a hard link; the evidence was circumstantial. As someone mentioned recently, Kurosawa doesn't acknowledge the debt.

Probably we need someone who knows all those Jacobean blood revenge plays (with bodies galore) to find the real origins of the plot in question.

I agree that Miller's Crossing feels like Red Harvest, more than Kurosawa's or Leone's films do. Feels like it in the great scenes, urban setting, within a plot that is episodic, a series of actions that start and stop, sometimes a bit separated at the seams. On the other hand, both Kurosawa and Leone have a fairly unified plot, rising to an expected, ultimate face-off.

Bill Hagen

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