Re: RARA-AVIS: Practical tips from hardboiled dicks

From: cooper (
Date: 07 Nov 2000

> Diane Trap wrote:
> > In one of the novels a bartender advises Phillip Marlowe
> > on the proper gin gimlet: equal parts gin and Rose's Lime Juice
> > (this is tasty but will peel the enamel off your teeth)....
I've picked up major tips for life re drinks from HB books. In fact I can't think of one person from any of my favorite books that drink anything naff. From learning about the right type of tequila (Crumley) Gimlets(see above; but they do set my asthma off.) Whisky, in all it's glory in too many books to list. And of course coffee, which is to HB as Earl Grey is to cosies.(Large hot sweet mugs of tea of course being a different matter, I can see Mark Timlin's Sharman being a tea man) I can't comment on the bag over the head thing, or shooting people through the foot, but I remember the first time I read about someone using plastic bag ties for handcuffs, can't recall the name of the book,(made as film set in French colony, bent local copper,starred Phillipe Noiret ) and everytime the kids are being vile, I wonder where I can get a gross ; ) Good thread Jane

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