RARA-AVIS: Dan Simmons: Richard Stark fan

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 06 Nov 2000

I came across this on the Publishers Weekly web site, and it fits in nicely with the theme of the month. They do a profile [1] of Dan Simmons, a noted SF/horror writer:

| Despite labels engendered by publishers and marketing departments,
| Simmons continues to write what he wants, operating on both sides of the
| border separating mainstream from genre fiction. During his 20 years of
| writing, he has had five different publishers. "I write across genres,
| outside of genres and in between," Simmons explains. "Publishers like to
| establish their writer on one slide and then they want to grease that
| slide. It makes good business sense--it just doesn't appeal to the
| creative side of a writer. My current publisher, HarperCollins [parent
| of Morrow], has me under contract for four novels: two of them SF and
| two of them difficult to categorize. They did, however, sensibly balk at
| my hard-boiled-noir-as-hell homage-to-Richard Stark novel, Hardcase, so
| off I go in search of yet a new publisher for that book." Written while
| he held vigil during his father-in-law's terminal illness, Hardcase is,
| as Simmons describes it, "a whole different kettle of fish. My goal was
| to have chapters no longer than five pages in length and a protagonist
| so mean that no one, not even his mother, could love him." At one point,
| the prolific author was considering publishing the book under a
| pseudonym. But St. Martin's (which will publish it in 2001) convinced
| Simmons's to keep his name on it.


[1] http://www.publishersweekly.com/articles/20001106_92599.asp

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