Re: RARA-AVIS: Practical tips on hangovers

Date: 06 Nov 2000


Great new thread!

> There. Now he feels a lot better.
> Who's next?

That's an excellent pick from the Long Goodbye. Oddly enough, I was just re-reading that this morning, knowing that there had to be some tips/tricks on hangovers. A few graphs later, Marlowe describes his hangover routine:

"I decided to kill the hangover. Ordinarly I was not a morning drinker. The Southern California climate is too soft for it. You don't metabolize fast enough. But I mixed a tall cold one this time and sat in an easy chair with my shirt open and pecked at a magazine… I was handling the drink carefull, a sip at a time, watching myself."

Another case, as Victor mention, of "the hair of the dog."

I'm sure there's some drinking/hangover tips for the holidays in Latimer's Bill Crane novels....


Duane Swierczynski

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