RARA-AVIS: Richard Stark - The Score and The Seventh

From: Paul Farrell ( pm_farrell@hotmail.com)
Date: 02 Nov 2000

Daniel wrote:

>As one of the more anally-retentive posters to this list I am trying to
>the Parker books in the order they were written. (I'm sure there is a good
>case to be made for observing the author's development of the character but
>with me it's just a sickness.) My problem is that it is darn difficult to
>find some of the books in any condition. I would be willing to pay up to
>US$10-15 dollars for a reading copy of any of the collection but am finding
>them almost impossible to come by. I have the first four and three assorted
>others which I picked up when I could but if anyone can point me in the
>direction of The Score (Killtown), The Jugger or The Seventh (The Split) I
>would be eternally grateful.
>Daniel Sevitt

There are a couple of British omnibuses of some of the Stark novels published by Allison and Busby. The second omnibus has got The Score, The Seventh (under the title The Split) and The Handle in it. Be warned, though, that it's got some odd printing errors: a chapter in The Handle has its ending section repeated, and the word "clear" appears as "dear" in quite a few places.


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