RARA-AVIS: Stark's return

From: msmartha@earthlink.net
Date: 01 Nov 2000

I'm with Ron. I read an ARC of Flashfire and it's terrific. And Stark/Westlake does something in this book he's never done before and it works brilliantly, adding a neat twist to plot developments without sacrificing any of Parker's......well, parkerness. To the question of reading the books in any particular order, I would add that there are 2 which should be read that way. The first is Slayground, in which Parker's heist goes awry and he is trapped and hunted inside the town's carnival, and the other is Butcher's Moon, in which he and his gang of semi-regular characters--Grofield, Mackey, et al--go back to the town to settle scores and finish business. Moon is also the last of the "first" series of Parker books, and a smashing finale it is, too.


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