RARA-AVIS: At last...

From: Bill Crider ( abc@wt.net)
Date: 29 Oct 2000

...a book-find story of my own that I hope will induce tooth-gnashing envy in one and all.

I spent the weekend at the World Fantasy Convention in Corpus Christi, Texas, where I got to visit with rara-avian James Reasoner and others. On Thursday evening, Joe Lansdale asked if I wanted to visit the local Half-Price Books. Of course I did, so he and Neal Barrett and Rick Klaw and John Picacio piled into Joe's van, driven by his lovely wife, Karen, and took off. I came away with the following: THE GIRL FROM BIG PINE by Talmadge Powell, COME BACK, MY LOVE by Edward S. Aarons, DIG MY GRAVE DEEP by Peter Rabe, ASSIGNMENT SUICIDE (Aarons), THE VENETIAL BLONDE by A. S. Fleischman, FIVE DAY NGHTMARE by Fred Brown, SMASH-UP by Theodore Pratt, THE SNATCHERS by Lionel White, THE GOLDEN WOMAN by Eric Hatch, THE REST MUST DIE by Richard Foster, LITTLE TRAMP by Gil Brewer, BRUTE IN BRASS by Harry Whittington, BRING HIM BACK DEAD by Day Keene, and I DIE SLOWLY (aka THE DARK TUNNEL) by Kenneth Millar. All in primo condition. All for 1/2 the cover price, which means anywhere from 12.5 cents to 17.5 cents each, except that I have an "educator's discount card" that entitles me to 10% off that.

Joe might be in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame four different times, but he'd never tried to come between me and a bunch of old books before. I let him have a Richard Wormser title as a consolation prize. And he really couldn't complain, as he found a nice copy of his own first novel, TEXAS NIGHT RIDERS, under the Ray Slater name.

It was a great weekend all around.

Bill Crider

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