RARA-AVIS: More recent purcahses

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 18 Oct 2000

There were two more book sales at U of Toronto last weekend, one at my old college. Fellow rare bird Mr. Chong and I were going to meet up, but didn't manage it, although maybe he did make it later and got some stuff. I picked up a number of things by writers we've discussed:

Loren D. Estleman: MOTOR CITY BLUE, DOWNRIVER, SILENT THUNDER, SWEET WOMEN LIE and THE WITCHFINDER. I read the last one (the most recent of the ones I got) and liked it a lot. I'm glad we read one of the Amos Walker books a while back, and I'm looking forward to reading the others.

(colour, but no McGee), CANCEL ALL OUR VOWS, CRY HARD, CRY FAST, and, filling in my McGee collection, BRIGHT ORANGE FOR THE SHROUD, FREE FALL IN CRIMSON, THE LONELY SILVER RAIN and NIGHTMARE IN PINK. There was a box full of JDMs there the first day I went; I bought five, then decided to go back for more because for a buck you can't go wrong, but they were all gone but two. Someone had more sense than me.

Joe Gores: DEAD MAN. Not one of the DKA books. I read the second one, FINAL NOTICE, last week, and liked it as much as the first. It's interesting to see how tough they are compared to the later ones.

Donald Hamilton: THE RAVAGERS and THE INTIMIDATORS, 8 and 15 in the Matt Helm series. I think I've read up to 7.

Philip Atlee: THE ILL WIND CONTRACT. Chandler's recommendation is quoted on the cover.

Whit Masterson: EVIL COME, EVIL GO.

Ross Thomas as Oliver Bleeck: NO QUESTIONS ASKED and THE HIGHBINDERS. I couldn't remember what had been said about the Bleeck books but figured I'd better grab them.

K.C. Constantine: FAMILY VALUES.

I wasn't surprised to see the JDMs, nor really the Estlemans, and I'd hoped to find more Constantines and some of Westlake's tough stuff. The Atlee and Masterson (which has a picture of Bob Wade and Bill Miller on the back, and talks about how they collaborate) were pleasant surprises, but I bet the people who got there before me got the really primo stuff. They always do.


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