RARA-AVIS: William J. Makin

From: dgreene@odu.edu
Date: 16 Oct 2000

Makin was a British thriller writer who died around 1944 in Cairo--I believe that he was smoking in bed and incinerated himself.

He was a major writer for THE BLUE BOOK pulp.

I have the following books by Makin in my collection:

William J. Makin. Red Head of the Red Sea. London: Newnes, n.d. [1937].
   1st edition under this title; originally published in 1933 by Jarrold as
   The Adventures of the Red Head of the Red Sea. Adventure stories about
   Paul Rocher "sometime of the British Intelligence."

_____. The Exploits of Jonathan Jow. London: C. Arthur Pearson, n. d.
   1st edition. Contains detective stories about "a man of long experience
   in the Indian and African jungles [who] applies his knowledge of beasts
   to the criminals of a great city."

He wrote at least one other collection about "Red Head" RED SEA SPY, but
   despite having to do with spying they are in fact adventure thrillers.

Doug Greene

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