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Date: 13 Oct 2000

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>By the way, am I right in thinking one of the
> above authors had a detective called Kent Murdock? If so, why didn't I
> him best.
> Kent Morgan

Yes, Kent Murdock was in many of George Harmon Coxe's books. He was the newspaper photographer from Boston. (One of them, I should say, since Coxe also wrote novels and stories about Flashgun Casey.) I happen to have read one of the Murdock novels recently, _The Widow Had a Gun_. It was fairly entertaining, but I was struck by how slow-paced it was. Of course, none of Coxe's books that I've read have been speed-burners. I think my favorite Murdock so far is _The Jade Venus_, which has Murdock coming back from World War II, where he served as an intelligence officer, and getting involved with the search for some art treasure looted by the Nazis, which then turns up in the States. Good stuff.

Best, James

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