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From: Ray Skirsky (
Date: 13 Oct 2000

At 12:00 PM 10/13/00 +0000, Marianne wrote:

> >Recent HB-ish films, say, post-Pulp fiction
>I know I'm about to destroy my reputation entirely, but I happened to
>watch Judge Dredd last night and was struck by how very much influenced
>it is by HB-noirish classical movies. I hadn't realised just how
>self-consciously "down these mean streets a motorcyclist must fly"
>it was. Rather different from the original comic in this.

I suspect it was influenced more by the first Batman movie (first of the current series), which was influenced by "The Dark Knight Returns" which was influenced by HB and noir traditions.

>Yes, yes,
>confession mode: I enjoyed it a lot. I liked the design, I loved the
>mugging...I committed quite a lot of ROFLOL-ing, though not as much of
>the last as with Batman and Robin, which preceded it. Argh! Another
>wasted evening!

There is nothing wrong with enjoying bad movies--unintentional camp is a wonderful thing. But there is a different type of "bad." For example, the recent Shadow movie is bad (good) but Alien 3 is bad (horrible). JMHO, of course.


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