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Date: 13 Oct 2000

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> On 13 October 2000, Juri Nummelin wrote:
> : Maybe not a very good idea, but we could start with the early ones,
> : graduate through the fourties and fifties and finally get to those
> : ghosted by Ryerson Johnson, Robert Terrall, Michael Collins, James
> : Reasoner and other people. Hmm.. very definitive maybe on that.
> Mr. Reasoner and that whole big crew (Pronzini and so on) ghosted for the
> magazine, didn't they? I thought from the biblio that Dresser and Terrall
> did 90% of the books.

Yes, all my Shayne work was for the magazine. Issues of MSMM might be harder to find these days than the novels themselves.

> I think a Mike Shayne year might be a bit intensive, but perhaps we could
> turn the reading list into themed months. Each month we could take a
> writer or character or series and just have at it. Different people would
> end up reading different books and we'd end up with quite a conglomeration
> of facts and opinions. It'd mean people didn't have to worry about
> getting a specific title, too.
> Bill
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> William Denton : Toronto, Canada : : Caveat

I think the themed months idea is excellent. A year of the big redhead would leave me groggy, but I'd love an excuse to reread some of the early ones. I'm sure the same holds true of other authors and characters. Richard S. Prather/Shell Scott is one suggestion that comes to mind, but we ought to do some more recent stuff, too.

Best, James

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