RARA-AVIS: Re: Get Carter, et al

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@colba.net)
Date: 13 Oct 2000

Paul wrote:

>Having read Raoul Whitfield's excellent short story 'Mistral' in the
>Pronzini/Adrian anthology Hard-boiled, I bought his novel Green Ice
>recently. It's good stuff - a tight, fast story, with a chaotic shoot-out
>climax. Definitely recommended. There was some talk on this list a few
>months ago about a collection of his short stories that's being planned.
>Looking forward to that one.

Me too. If we're referring to the same book, it's a collection of Jo Gar stories. That is indeed good news.

And Mark added to my list of decent, recent crime films:

>That last would be The Big Lebowski. I'd drop the awful Payback and add
>a bunch of smaller films like Usual Suspects, Palookaville, Underneath
>(recently saw its source Criss Cross, great Burt Lancaster film), Bottle
>Rockets, La Haine, Last Seduction, The Set Up, Phoenix, City of
>Industry, Thick As Thieves and the not as good, but still appealing
>Suicide Kings (mainly for Christopher Walken's performance), Romeo Is
>Bleeding and Deadfall, among many others. For all of the complaining
>about Tarantino-wannabes (and a lot of bad straight-to-cable films have
>been made in his wake, some starring him) he certainly led to an
>increased market for crime films, many of which have been good.

The only thing is that the original thread was about whether the big studios were still making good intelligent crime flicks or not. Hence my off-the-top-of-my-head list. Some great flicks Mark mentioned, including quite a few I've never seen -- and a few that don't ring any bells at all. But all the ones Mark mentioned were (I think) smaller, mostly indy affairs. I guess it's time to start hunting down some of them...

>I'd drop the awful Payback ...

I dunno. I kind of liked PAYBACK. I enjoyed it far more than POINT BLANK, which I found really disappointing after all the years of buzz, here and elsewhere, more self-consciously arty and filmy than actually entertaining. Maybe I just prefer movies to films.

And actually, I liked Stallone in the little-seen COPLAND. Maybe because he played against type. And the big showdown was one of the more subtly-bizarro finales I've seen. Maybe not a great film, but definitely worth catching.


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