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Date: 11 Oct 2000

I've never found critics to be an intelligent choice when looking for a movie or any other entertainment medium ... in the case since the production company didn't pre-deliver the film on a gold platter for the critics to review its going to get panned regardless. The movie's also going to get panned just becase Stallone is in it as well. Not saying if you see it that you'd like it, but I wouldn't trust a critic ... comes under those who can do and those who can't critique.

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<> Wrote on Wed, 11 Oct 00 11:14:02 +0000
 ------------------ I'll probably see (some of) the new Get Carter in about a years' time when I stumble across it on television; but there's an article in this morning's (Wednesday) Guardian which isn't encouraging: about how the studio released it without any previews because they knew that the critics would pan it and they wanted that to happen AFTER they'd had the first weekend's takings, and about a total lack of valid plot or, if the critic is to be believed, anything else bar thumping. It seems unlikely to measure up to the movies Kevin mentioned (er...Payback???)
, or The Limey, much less the great Luc Besson w Jean Reno.

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