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From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 10 Oct 2000

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Mark Sullivan wrote:

> Well, of course, the original will not be ruined, it's still right there
> on my shelf and on the shelves of many video stores. In fact, the new
> one has brought more attention to the old one (I know a guy who has been
> trying to rent it for over a month and it's never in). Didn't someone
> say it recently ran on a cable movie channel? The timing makes it
> evident it's a tie-in.

Of course the original is not ruined, but the memory of it. Some nuthead wrote in IMDB that this is the greatest film of all time (he meant the Stallone version). I was bit hasty when I said what I said. The main reason for me not going to see the movie is probably that I don't have the time.

> Similarly, bad movies don't ruin the books upon which they're based. Or
> different movies, for that matter. I remember the first time I saw
> Altman's Long Goodbye. I was incensed by his changes. I was fuming
> when I came out of the theater. However, when I saw it again I forced
> myself to take it on its own terms and ended up loving it.

There are some differences between Altman and the guy who directed this
(I checked his name, but lost it, Stephen Kay or something). Altman tried to create Chandler and Marlowe again for the seventies and comment and criticize on the legacy of Chandler (did he succeed or not, that's up to everyone to decide), but I feel that the studio, Stallone and other people just want to make another action film.


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