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Here's what my whole bibliography has for the New Orleans life of Michael Shayne.

AUTHOR: Halliday, Brett JOINT AUTHOR: PSEUDONYM OF: Dresser, Davis House name after #30 ALSO WRITES AS:

P. I.: Shayne, Michael ADDITIONAL P. I.: LOCATION OF OFFICE: Florida, Miami SUBJECTS: BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Little is known about Mike's early life except in
#5 he remembers playing the cornet in his college band. Ten years prior to
#6, he was a P. I. with Jim Lacy and Pat Casey in the Countrywide Agency in New York (later referred to as WorldWide). Mike is 35 in #1-3, with violent red hear and gray eyes, and he drinks cognac and smokes. He tugs on his left ear lob when he is thinking. He has no office or staff at the beginning, but rather works out of his downtown hotel apartment with a side entrance on Flagler Street. His apartment building backs up on the north bank of the Miami River and has a view of Biscaynne Bay. He is driving a
"middle-aged" roadster. His opponent, retained in most of the books, is Peter Painter, chief of detectives in Miami Beach, while his ally is Miami's chief of detectives Will Gentry. His closest friend is Timothy Rourke, a newspaper reporter. In #1, he takes a string of pearls as a retainer and gets shot twice in the shoulder, once in the ribs, and is grazed by a fourth bullet, leaving him in a cast and a sling. He gets some help from another op named Tony in #1 and #2. He meets Phyllis Brighton, age 20, in #1. #2 takes place one month after #1, and he is carrying a .32. In #3, he has just married Phyllis, and they have just returned from their honeymoon in Cuba. They are living in a new apartment, one floor above the old one which has now been converted into an office for Mike. In #3, he mentions being on a yearly retainer with an insurance company to investigate fraud. He also mentions having been in Miami for ten years. In #4, he is carrying a .45 which he uses to kill two men. He himself receives a flesh wound in the stomach. In #5, it is one year after his marriage, and it is August. Phyllis is in New York without Mike. He totals his convertible coupe. In
#6, he uses FBI contact John Bascom. In #7, it is July and Mike and Phyllis are on vacation. By #8, it is early spring, Phyllis is dead (without an explanation) and Mike has moved downstairs into his old quarters. It is referred to that Mike cooperated with Military Intelligence on the Nicholson case. At the beginning of #9, Mike wants to move to New York, but before he can he takes a case in New Orleans where he meets Lucille (Lucy) Hamilton. In #10, he has opened a New Orleans office on the fourth floor of the International Building at Poydras and Charles. It is a two room suite and Lucy is his secretary. He admits to being 39. He is living in a three room walk-up apartment in a two story building on Carondelet. In #16, his apartment is at Poydras and Bourbon. #10 takes place in the fall of 1944, and Mike remembers that he worked a case involving Towne and Bayliss ten years prior to this case when he was with Worldwide. He is carrying a .38. In #16, he uses Ben Ames in Chicago, a former associate at WorldWide, and a New Orleans P. I. named Ned Frazier. In #12, he returns to Miami when his friend Tim is shot and once there he has to borrow a gun and a car from Will. He mentions that he has been in New Orleans two years. In #13, it is finally revealed that Phyllis died in childbirth and so evidently did their son. It is November, and Mike manages to get his first apartment in Miami back. #16 takes place one year after #9 and #11. In #19, Mike mentions having done business out of his apartment for fifteen years. In order to keep Lucy as his secretary, he rents a third floor office space in a six story building downtown. Lettered in gold leaf on the frosted glass of the office are the words, "Michael Shayne--Private Investigator." In #20, Mike kills two men. He destroys his sedan and then buys a dull-gray sedan to replace it. In #21, Mike uses two P. I.s, Henry Black and Matthews. In
#22, he kills another man. He uses Henry "Hank" Black's agency to cover for him.

TITLE: Michael Shayne's long chance NUMBER: 9 ADDITIONAL TITLES: COPYRIGHT: 1944 LOCATIONS: Louisiana, New Orleans ANNOTATION: Mike wants to move back to New York but before he can leave Miami he accepts a case that takes him to New Orleans. A New York editor's daughter is hiding out trying to become a writer and shake her drug habit. Mike gets a room with adjoining balconies to the lovely Barbara Little but very shortly she is a corpse and Mike is suspect number one, framed by crooked cops and heavies who remember him from years past. Working with one honest cop and one very suspicious homicide detective, Mike is able to bail himself out of every frame the bad guys build around him. At the end, Mike reverts to his old style of manufacturing evidence to hang the crime on a desperate crook with the worst of motives. A credible mystery with plenty of action makes this the best Shayne in a while. Highly recommended. REVIEWS: MISC: CATALOG LISTINGS: Dunn(94):$65(f) Freck(94):$100(vg) Mordida(94):$65(vg)

TITLE: Murder and the married virgin NUMBER: 10 ADDITIONAL TITLES: COPYRIGHT: 1944 LOCATIONS: Louisiana, New Orleans ANNOTATION: Mike believes the sad lieutenant whose fiancé £ommitted suicide on the eve of their wedding. He agrees to clear the dead woman of the charge of stealing the Ghorski emerald from her employers, the Lomax family. The Lomaxes area typically dysfunctional hard-boiled family and almost each member could be a suspect in the theft and the now apparent murder of the dead woman. Getting cooperation from the New Orleans Police Department is easy, but it is New Orleans's underworld that proves tougher to tame. Eventually, the outside clues turn Shayne back to the Lomaxes until he is able to puzzle out the case. Average. REVIEWS: MISC: CATALOG LISTINGS:

TITLE: Murder is my business NUMBER: 11 ADDITIONAL TITLES: COPYRIGHT: 1945 LOCATIONS: Mexico, Juarez Texas, El Paso ANNOTATION: A young soldier tied to a spy ring is run over by Jefferson Towne, candidate for the mayor of El Paso. Mike flies into town and reveals that the solider was dead prior to the car accident. Mike thinks he is working to help Towne, but Towne wants nothing to do with Mike. Mike's former association with Towne's daughter, Carmela, leads Mike to her former lover, the pathetic poet Bayliss, now trying to convince people he is being chased by Nazis. Towne's association with some silver mines and the involvement of hood Manny Holden in a smuggling operation confuses things sufficiently until Mike gets some uncharacteristic help from the cops and solves the case. Average. REVIEWS: MISC: CATALOG LISTINGS: UncleBucks(96):$35(f)

TITLE: Marked for murder NUMBER: 12 ADDITIONAL TITLES: COPYRIGHT: 1945 LOCATIONS: Florida, Miami ANNOTATION: Tim Rourke is using the power of the press to put pressure on Brenner, leader of the hoods opening gambling casinos all over Miami Beach. When Tim is shot, Mike moves quickly from New Orleans to Miami to once again torment arch rival Peter Painter. What Mike finds waiting for him is a bevy of blondes each equipped with her own gun murdering big winners from the casinos. Mike knows there must be just one who really pulls the trigger. Mike's realizations that Tim is his best friend and Miami is his true turf make this the best novel as far as characterization. Unfortunately, it does not go as far as contemporary novels would in using character interpretation to supplement plot. Yet the mystery is good and that gets this one rated recommended. REVIEWS: MISC: CATALOG LISTINGS: Dunn(96):$60(f) Freck(94):$75(f)

TITLE: Blood on Biscayne Bay NUMBER: 13 ADDITIONAL TITLES: COPYRIGHT: 1946 LOCATIONS: Mike takes care of a marker on Christine Hudson held by gambler Arnold Barbizon by force rather than using the string of pearls she had provided. This leads to the murder of the Hudson's maid Natalie. The marker was a disguise for some love letters between Christine and her former
 boss. Mike tries to remove that threat to Christine while Chief Painter tries to arrest Mike for the murder of the maid. It is revealed that Christine's old boss from New York is the author of the letters and he has now relocated to Miami in order to divorce his current wife, Christine, who now becomes suspect number one. Mike's stay in Miami is temporary, yet he seems torn between his old life here and his new one in New Orleans thus giving the mystery some strength beyond the plot. The only real nonsense is seeing Mike gather the suspects together at the end of the book as if it were Agatha Christie. Recommended. ANNOTATION: REVIEWS: MISC: CATALOG LISTINGS: Dunn(96):$45(f) Mordida(96):$65(f) Freck(94):$10(f-Dell 268pb reprint)

TITLE: Counterfeit wife NUMBER: 14 ADDITIONAL TITLES: COPYRIGHT: 1947 LOCATIONS: Florida, Miami ANNOTATION: When he is jilted over the phone by his New Orleans secretary Lucy Hamilton, Mike sells his plane ticket to that city to a man for two hundred dollars. The big bills turn out to be part of the ransom in a kidnapping, but even worse, Mike ends up with the man's suitcase complete with the rest of the ransom, the man's big blonde female accomplice, a dead body in his apartment, and all of the hoods and cops hot on his tail. All of the dough turns out to be counterfeit, and Mike has to find a reasonable cause for the phony bills to be a part of the payoff, especially after the kidnapped young girl ends up dead. With Tim's help, Mike chases enough clues while entertaining enough violence on himself and others to satisfy the hard-boiled reader. A better than average Shayne. Recommended. REVIEWS: MISC: CATALOG LISTINGS:UncleBucks(96):$25(f) Freck(95):$65(vg) Mordida(95):$35(vg)

TITLE: Blood on the stars NUMBER: 15 ADDITIONAL TITLES: Murder is a habit COPYRIGHT: 1948 LOCATIONS: Florida, Miami ANNOTATION: Peter Painter thinks Mike is the most likely kingpin behind the theft of a rare ruby bracelet. Mark Dustin, the owner, and Mark's insurance agent, thinks Mike is the most likely person to get it back. When someone tries to kill Lucy Hamilton and Mrs. Dustin takes a powder, Mike and Painter trade ideas over some previous robberies as one motive and a greedy Rajah as another. When Mrs. Dustin's body washes up on the beach, Mike begins to suspect everyone and by slowly eliminating each participant in this convoluted tale of betrayal and greed he is led to the killer. Mike's feelings for Lucy are beginning to replace his leftover longings for Phyllis and it is little touches like this that can maintain a reader's interest over the length of a series. Recommended. REVIEWS: MISC: CATALOG LISTINGS: Freck(95):$45(vg) UncleBucks(95):$30(f)

TITLE: Michael Shayne's triple mystery NUMBER: 16 ADDITIONAL TITLES: Dead man's diary and Dinner at Dupre's Dead man's diary and A taste for cognac A taste for cognac COPYRIGHT: 1945 LOCATIONS: Florida, Miami Louisiana, New Orleans ANNOTATION: These stories cover the part of Mike's life when he resided in New Orleans. In DEAD MAN'S DIARY, three survivors of a torpedoed ship share a confession and a diary. One of the men dies prior to being rescued. When the two left scramble to recover the diary and keep the confession a secret in order to gain the money left in an estate, Mike gets involved with a multiple number of clients. In DINNER AT DUPRE'S, the police try to tie Mike to a corpse that should be a client of his except Mike is in the dark. So by working backwards he is able to identify the unknown corpse, trace the dead man back to his hometown, and begin to unravel the clues needed to discover why the dead man would have needed a P. I. In A TASTE FOR COGNAC, Mike has to follow the clues some pre-war booze that shows up in Miami when a beautiful reporter leads Mike to a corpse with a secret from the past. Recommended. REVIEWS: MISC: All three novelettes appear in TRIPLE; otherwise the Dell reprints both have DEAD and a different companion story. TRIPLE was not published until 1948 and it is listed here first. TASTE appeared as Dell 10c pb #15. CATALOG LISTINGS: Freck(95):$65(vg-TRIPLE) UncleBucks(95):$35(f)

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> Can anybody up on Michael Shayne fill me in on when the series was set in
> New Orleans and when and why it moved on to Miami? By the second part, I
> mean, why did Halliday decide to change the location and how was it
> explained in the books.
> Dick Lochte
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