RARA-AVIS: Re: Blues Settings?

From: Victoria Esposito-Shea ( victoria@esposito-shea.com)
Date: 26 Sep 2000

>Jazz was not entirely accepted in the '30s or even the '40s. It was
crossing over, with more whites
>listening and performing (is Paul Whiteman the perfect name for a
non-black musician who
>crowned himself the "KIng of Jazz" or what?), but still somewhat
disreputable -- isn't that the
>formula for popularity in music?

I'm a little slow on the uptake this week--this didn't even catch my eye until days after it was written--but then how do you account for the '20s being known as the "Jazz Age"? I know that's, to some degree, a label that's been stuck on that decade after the fact, but there are quite a few contemporary references to jazz in mainstream art and lit. Or are you distinguishing between types of jazz here, or. . . ?


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