Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Martin Brett

From: Anders Engwall (
Date: 26 Sep 2000

Kevin Burton Smith:

> From what I can figure out, Martin Brett and Malcolm Douglas were
> both pseudonyms of Douglas Sanderson, a Brit who moved to Montreal,
> became a Canadian citizen, and wrote several crime books in the late
> fifties/early sixties, including at least three featuring private eye
> Mike Garfin.
> The one I've read, Blondes Are My Trouble, is pretty good. Not
> fantastic, but he actually makes some good use of Montreal as a
> setting.
> If anyone else has any info on him, or any of his books, please don't
> be shy -- pass it on. Like this THE DEADLY GAMES you mentioned,
> Anders. Is it a P.I. novel?

Yes, it's one in the Mike Garfin series. I know of two other titles of his, HOT FREEZE and EXIT IN GREEN (aka MURDER COMES CALLING), but since I don't have them I can't tellif they are Garfin novels or not.

Steve McHale mentioned a Malcolm Douglas book called MARKET FOR MURDER which is set in Spain. This sounds supsiciously similar to the one Douglas book I've read; the very good PREY BY NIGHT, which has a plot about smuggling between Tangier and southern Spain.

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