RE: RARA-AVIS: Blues settings?

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 25 Sep 2000

Bill wrote:

"Roadhouses seem very strange now. Driving to some place far away to do some drinking, then driving back, would appall people today. I do remember Marlowe and the Op going to roadhouses, but I can't recall in which stories. They knew how to handle their liquor, but I don't know about the guys who were dancing with the B-girls."

I recall those stories, too, now that you mention them. (And there are a fair number of roadhouses in film, but most I recall were pretty swanky joints, even if they catered to vices -- the men all wore suits, nice jazz in the background -- not down and dirty.) However, I remember them as being way off in the backwoods, so maybe they didn't run across
(or into) too many other drivers.

Plus there were much fewer drivers on the road in general. We recently had to think about whether or not the Op had his own car. Aside from Matt Scudder in NYC, is there a single PI today who does not have a car? It's so ubiquitous that the TV series Harry O drew humor from the times Harry's car was in the shop and he had to use the bus.


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