Re: RE: RARA-AVIS: Blues settings?

Date: 25 Sep 2000

Mark wrote:

However, neither of these musics were of very respectable or even mainstream culture, always thought to be from the wrong side of the tracks. I don't really recall any hillbilly musicians in vintage hardboiled lit, either. Are there even many (I can't think of any, but my knowledge of vintage HB could be a lot better) scenes set in roadhouses or juke joints?

This is sort of where I wanted to go when this thread started. There are lots of jazz references in thirties/forties hardboiled, but I havent' found any substantial blues references. I assumed that it had to do that early blues was not "acceptable" music, whereas jazz was more commonly accepted and listened to by white audiences. In fact, even in early african american culture, the blues was devil's music.

It's too bad that blues settings haven't been used, cause I think that there is lots of fodder there for fiction. Just take Charley Patton's life...from what little is known, he was a hell-raiser, a wife-beater, and a drunk. And blues juke joints weren't safe places to be.

All of which sounds like grist for the hard boiled fiction mill.


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