RARA-AVIS: Michael Brett; a real bargain on Hubin

From: Juri Nummelin ( jurnum@utu.fi)
Date: 25 Sep 2000

> Etienne Borgers has written:
> > Michael Brett:
> > The confusion comes probably due to the fact there are
> > TWO writers with the same name,
> > -one is British, and Michael Brett is an alias for
> > Miles Tripp. I do not know more about this one
> > -one is American and wrote mystery novels of the
> > HB/Noir type, but I do not recall to have read
> > something by him.
> > His PI was named Peter McGrath (a series of about ten
> > novels).
> > Amongst his production:
> > He was born in 1928.
> > Hope this helps.

Well, searching my newly purchased Hubin, I found that these are marked as by the same Brett. O, the confusion of paperbacks!

As for Hubin, this was a real bargain. I was looking Hubin up in the reference section of Turku city library and didn't find it. I asked the clerk where it is. She said that they need more room and dispose some books. I asked if Hubin was one of these. "Yes", she said, but asked me if I thought they should have it. I told that in the university library there is more recent edition and its appendix. She decided that they wouldn't need Hubin. I asked whether I could buy the book. "I have to ask downstairs, should they need in in the lending department", said she and took down my name and phonenumber. After three weeks she phoned that I could pick up the book at the library. I went there and asked the book with my name on it. There was another clerk behind the desk, who just glanced at the book and said: "Five marks." Well, in case you don't know five marks is close to 75 cents. I had to take a deep breath, but I managed to get some coins from my pocket and got the book.

This was the first edition on Hubin, years 1745-1979, and I know there are many errors. But still, five marks!


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