RARA-AVIS: books w/CDs

From: Martha Fischer ( sakana@stlnet.com)
Date: 21 Sep 2000

in the past there's been a fair amount of discussion here about rumors of new [hard-boiled] paperbacks of the Old School-type being packaged with music cds. the first i've heard of it, outside of this list, is in today's new york times. on page b2 there's a 1/4 page story about these books, which are published by Syndicate Media Group (the president of which was the editor of Old School). speaking about the series, he says: "Our only goal is to sell books to a readership that just hasn't had books. They are not about the urban realism people expect. They're about style and suspense and no more violence than a Don Westlake or an Elmore Leonard novel...It is not our burden to be responsible. Our burden is to make people read, even if the books tread on dangerous ground. No one asks white kids to read responsible books." interestingly, the article points out that the books have ads in them, something that hasn't happened "since the early days of paperbacks."

hope this is interesting or helpful to some. i haven't checked to see if this article is on the times website or not...

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