RE: RARA-AVIS: Hard-boiled Cartoons (No, really!) (Oh, yes, y es!)

Date: 20 Sep 2000

The Golgo 13 anime (Japanese animation) and the manga (comic books) they're based on, chronicle the adventures of a very hard-boiled professional assassin named Duke Togo. As far as I know, there are two animated videos legally available in America, THE PROFESSIONAL and GOLGO 13: QUEEN BEE. The latter is especially noir in style and subject matter, but both are good.

BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, in particular the first-season episodes before Fox insisted on more Robin, are probably the best HB/Noir animated cartoons we're likely to see produced for mainstream television. (Series producer/designer Bruce Timm, is a big fan of HB and film noir, and actually contributes covers to Gary Lovisi's HARDBOILED magazine.) The series was remarkably well-written, scored and designed, with more-often-than-not superior animation (especially for TV). Loathe as I am to contradict my good pal Kevin, the excellent full-length animated feature he mentions was MASK OF THE PHANTASM, not THE PHANTOM MENACE, which was something else entirely...

BATMAN BEYOND is also great, smart TV, but not nearly as noir-influenced as its predecessor. I'm hearing good things about the forthcoming direct-to-video feature, RETURN OF THE JOKER, however.


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