Re: RARA-AVIS: The Dain Curse-why the bad rap?

From: David Lane (
Date: 15 Sep 2000

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   brooks hefner <> wrote:

> the gentry house in the country does seem straight out of conan doyle,
> but perhaps out of place in the hb world? after all, chandler usually
> makes calls on millionaires who have "new" mansions. perhaps i'm
> splitting hairs, though. as far as the cult goes, that seems like it's
> more out of some kind of 19th century gothic english novel. maybe it's
> hammett's radical, rational critique of religion--i.e. it's all one
> elaborate hoax? other than that, however, temples and sacrifices just
> seem a bit odd in the world of the Op.

Take out the gunplay, slow down the pace by telling the story in third person and there is surprisingly little difference between hardboiled and other forms of crime fiction.


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