RARA-AVIS: Re: Bargains

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@colba.net)
Date: 14 Sep 2000

My favourite bargain? Easy. A few years ago I scored a plastic shopping bag of paperbacks from the fifties, including a bunch of Richard Prathers, a Thomas Dewey or so, two John Evans, a Robert Martin, a Timothy Ard, a Frank Kane, some non-McGee MacDonalds and a few issues of Manhunt.

All a quarter each, at the annual St. Lambert Bookfair, held in St. Barnabas church. When I got to the cash table, to have it tallied up, the sweet silver-haired elderly lady (really) stationed there noticed that most of the books were originally only a quarter or so.

"Oh, my, I can't charge you full price for these old books, dear. How about if I charge you a dime each, and a nickel for these old magazines? Would that be okay?"

Of course, I've been back several times since, and I've never really found any bargains quite that great, but hope springs eternal.

Oh, and someone wrote:

>I'm prone to writing w/o caps unless i'm feeling really formal. i'm
>moving in the direction of graduate school

May I suggest you don't submit all your papers (or whatever graduate students do) in lower case? I'm not sure your professors will be as delighted and impressed as we all are.

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