Re: RARA-AVIS: weapons of choice

From: Jess Nevins (
Date: 13 Sep 2000

Cristoforo wrote:

> > Yeah, a nasty poke in the gut there. I couldn't remember if it was a bat
> or
> > a pool cue.
> Which reminds me... While living in London in the late '70's, I was attacked
> by a skinhead with a pool cue. The following week, he came at me again with
> a baseball bat.
> Got away both times, not without a bit of luck. Any other near misses out
> there?

Leaving aside my violence-filled childhood and adolescence and the time I got opened up in DC, I was nearly stomped by three Five Percenters (thank heavens for the subway guard), almost pasted by a fratboy whose friend I'd fingered for rape (his friends held him off and told me to leave, and I did), nearly stomped into squishy bits by four drunken assholes who'd taken exception to me taking exception to their comments about my friend (that time I had the table leg, and they didn't, so after a mutual exchange of pleasantries we left), almost shot by a 'Costia Costers gang member in the library I was working at (the security guard was right behind him and got him to the ground before he got his gun all the way out), and set upon by four hefty geek types (armed with, I kid you not, Klingon bat'leths) who took exception to some online comments I'd made about their fanfic (this was at a convention in St. Louis in a "hotel" whose hallways were some sort of Moebius loop, and I lost them around a curve somewhere)--oh, and almost got my face caved in by a drunk dealer at that same convention when I told him that the elevator was for riding and not for surfing (that time I was saved by the appearance of convention security).


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