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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 13 Sep 2000

Michael Douglas' character in Falling Down uses a bat very effectively ...

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I'm a bit surprised this thread hasn't brought in famous fiction or film instances of bats being used as the weapon of choice. Isn't there a dinner scene in "The Untouchables"? My favorite is Walter Hill's 1979 film, "The Warriors," where one of the youth gangs costumes in baseball uniforms, face paint,and swings bats in time to the throbbing soundtrack. Sort of Kiss as a bat gang. I suppose some big city avis will tell us that there WERE gangs who preferred bats, in the innocent days of juvenile delinquency. -- # To unsubscribe from the regular list, say "unsubscribe rara-avis" to # This will not work for the digest version. # The web pages for the list are at .

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