RARA-AVIS: new to the list

From: brooks hefner ( brookshefner@hotmail.com)
Date: 13 Sep 2000

hello all... i'm new to the list, & thought i'd briefly introduce myself. my name is brooks hefner; i'm currently a part-time student and a full-time private citizen; i live in lexington,ky; i particularly interested in the "classics" of hardboiled fiction--hammett, chandler, cain, thompson, mccoy, and spillane (when i can stand him). i'm also a big film buff, a big fan of film noir (did you know that _Detour_ dir. by E. Ulmer is coming out this month on dvd?). i'm prone to writing w/o caps unless i'm feeling really formal. i'm moving in the direction of graduate school, and my primary reason for joining the list is to enhance my knowledge of the hardboiled and have a forum for discussing some of this killer fiction. i'm most intersted in the last question on the intro page (hb and modern) as well as the politics of the hardboiled story.

oh, yeah, i'm currently working my way through hammett's complete novels, rereading the couple i've already read and reading the others for the first time.

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