Re: RARA-AVIS: RE: wideboy

From: Cristoforo (
Date: 12 Sep 2000

Does this mean you're not a fan?

> A wideboy probably talks a little too much about his sub-criminal
> activities. A wideboy sells watches on the streets trying to make people
> believe they are stolen so that they feel naughty. A wideboy knows a man
> who can get you tickets for the game, Saturday. A wideboy can't stand "the
> filth" and is terrified of having his collar felt but addresses all
> policeman to their faces as Sir or Mr. A wideboy might wear a tie but
> never do his top button up. A wideboy might work down the market or even
> an estate agent and he'll keep his wad folded in his pocket. Wideboys pay
> cash. If a wideboy gets into a fight he's more likely to settle it with a
> headbutt or a spontaneous snooker cue than a premeditated baseball bat. A
> wideboy is not a hard man but he knows a man who is.

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