From: Doug Bassett ( dj_bassett@yahoo.com)
Date: 10 Sep 2000

Hi, all:

I was contacted by this gentleman a few days ago. He was asking for some help regarding Colby's CAPTAIN MUST DIE. Unfortunately I couldn't help him -- but it occured to me that maybe somebody out there could. Plus, I thought there might be some interest among list members about his company's project.

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> Wildside publishes print-on-demand books, mostly,
> through
> Ingram's LightningSource. A lot of what we do is
> pick up
> wonderful old books (like Robert Colby's) and make
> them available
> again. We don't have to sell a whole lot of copies
> to make it
> worth our while, and we get a lot of satisfaction
> from making
> good books available.
> We also publish a number of originals, Like Hayford
> Pierce's
> novels and collections -- and oh, yes, we do a lot
> of things like
> story collections that conventional houses just
> can't afford to
> do.
> I need, right this moment, the copyright and
> dedication from
> THE CAPTAIN MUST DIE, by Robert Colby. I'd also
> love to hear
> about beloved authors and books, things people would
> love to see
> reissued or collected and put in print. It's a lot
> of help if the
> person writing can put me in touch with the writer;
> and even more
> help if they know the writer is interested in the
> sort of
> republication we can offer.

===== Doug Bassett dj_bassett@yahoo.com

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