RARA-AVIS: Administrative note: Archives now searchable

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 09 Sep 2000


I spent some time last night finishing off the archive searcher I'd started a while ago. I decided that the archives would be indexed month by month, people would pick a range of months they wished to search, and the results would be presented in monthly chunks in reverse chronological order. Some months we've had up to 850 messages go by, and there are a lot of words repeated, so I think this will work out well. Indexing all the archives in one big lump would make them too hard to manage.

I also stripped out all the RARA-AVIS stuff added to the subject lines, so the results are a lot easier to read. Right now only 2000 is indexed, but I'll add 1997-1999 when I see how much disk space they'll use. I'll probably index a month's worth of archived mail at the start of the next month, so you won't be able to search the latest messages. You can always just browse through the archives by hand, though.

The search program is at


Make sure you tick off "Entire year" for 2000, or choose some months within this year. Try searching on gunsel or "james crumley" or something like that. I've forgotten if SWISH-E, the indexer, allows ands or ors or
+ modifiers, but I'll check into that. Let me know if you get any weird results or you have any suggestions.


William Denton : Toronto, Canada : http://www.miskatonic.org/ : Caveat lector.

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