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From: Ron Clinton ( r-and-jclinton@email.msn.com)
Date: 07 Sep 2000

Saw this in a recent email bulletin from a book distributor. I think many of us have already read all the following Willeford titles - but for those that haven't (and *should*), here's an easy way to get three of his best novels in one fell swoop:


"Three of Charles Willeford's noir crime classics are coming back into print, thanks to No Exit Press. First of all, the Charles Willeford Omnibus (1874061394, $19.95) has been reprinted, containing as it does PICK UP, the story of two alcoholics adrift in San Francisco, and COCKFIGHTER, the story of a man obsessed with a very bloody, very cruel, and very illegal sport, in the rural South. This volume does contain one further book that is already in print in the U.S., THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY, which we hope you will continue to order from Carroll & Graf. But in addition to this collection, in January of 2001 No Exit will be issuing THE WOMAN CHASER
(1842430017, $13.95), which is soon to be a major movie starring Patrick Warburton, and directed by Robinson Dever-and already a big hit at Sundance. This is the story of Richard Hudson, corrupt used-car salesman, who one day decides to chuck it all and do something creative, and make a film. Rejected, he goes on the bender of all benders, drinking his way through the underbelly of L.A. and exacting a monstrous revenge on all who have crossed him. It doesn't get much darker than this."

Ron Clinton

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