RE: Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Those were the days

Date: 07 Sep 2000

Kevin, then Jess replies:
> > Doesn't Marlowe at one point say something like "He snarled and
> > called me something nasty." Would that sentence really have been
> > better if Chandler had written: "He called me a motherfucking
> > asshole."
> Perhaps not, but I think Marlowe would have liked to have used
> stronger language than he was allowed to by his editors and the mores
> of the time.

Maybe. But in terms of impact, Marlowe's summary implies that what the character said wasn't worth quoting. It wasn't dramatically important or the character wasn't significant enough to be quoted. Kevin is setting up good aesthetic grounds for evaluating language, seems to me.

Bill Hagen

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