RARA-AVIS: One hell of a weekend

From: Juri Nummelin ( jurnum@utu.fi)
Date: 04 Sep 2000

As the deadline for my bibliography is approaching with bone-crunching speed, I've spent my time mainly with books. The last weekend was a particularly tough one. Here are the remains:


in the university library: Dan J. Marlowe: "One Endless Hour" (1969), very tough, almost surrealistic caper story, one of the best Marlowes; Ron Goulart: three Phantom paperbacks from the seventies, standard pulp re-creations; Lawrence Treat: one short story about a motel manager who has problems with the customers called Smith; in the bed, the beginning of A.S. Fleischman's "The Shanghai Flame" (1952), an old Gold Medal about the journalist looking for his lover in the communist Shanghai, very cinematic, which is proper since Fleishcman was a screenwriter


the rest of Fleischman's novel, which I carried with me even to the hairdresser where my year-and-four-months daughter got her first haircut; two books by John Jakes, as by William Ard: "Give Me This Woman" (1962), great soft-core porn P.I./fraud novel about Lou Largo on the tails of a murderous journalist, as by Jay Scotland: "The Seventh Man" (1958), almost serious and not very violent story of a columnist breaking the syndicate, a bit boring in the middle; in the bed: the beginning of Brian Coffey (AKA Dean R. Koontz): "Face of Fear" (1977)


the rest of Coffey's "Face of Fear", early serial killer novel with some wit and political insight, implausible at times, interesting at times; Ed Lacy: "A Deadly Affair" (1960), interesting, although flawed account of racism in the police force, as a mystery almost mindless; Howard Browne: "A Taste of Ashes" (1958), a very enjoyable private eye novel, which you probably all know, this was my first Browne and I'll be eagerly looking for more; in the bed, the beginning of Fredric Brown's "The Lenient Beast", with multiple point-of-view characters.

What have you been reading?


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