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Date: 02 Sep 2000

>Wasn't it Garcia Marquez who said he always swore he wouldn't read the next
Borges because of the author's right wing politics, but when the book actually came out, he couldn't help himself, since Borges was such a good writer?
A little outside of this, Garcia Marquez is one of those I thought of when thinking of my current problems with Ellroy, whose White Jazz was an epiphany for me. But it was more the writing than the other things. Since MY DARK PLACES, in all the GQ fiction and non, he's Ellroy "doing" Ellroy. Kind of like Garcia Marquez's later novels, which don't feel as exciting and fresh as the earlier ones. A teacher once told me that he was reading his brother's copy of a G-M book, probably the Cholera one, and just when this teacher thought "This is all a retread," he noticed his brother's comment in the margin: "Marquez is doing Marquez again."

Neil Smith

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