Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Once more into the breech...

Date: 31 Aug 2000

Hi, Bill. I couldn't agree more about the jazz analogy (but then after all I'm an old lady). But to pursue this: if I'm a jazz aficionado (-a?) and somebody says "Kenny G is not a jazz musician" we might get into an interesting technical discussion. If somebody says "obviously women are incapable of playing jazz", or "MJQ isn't jazz because only Americans can play jazz", I might only find the remark interesting if the speaker (1) tries to back it up with technical (musical) facts; or (2) talks about the sociological background of early 20c jazz groups; or preferably both.
 Fine. I've always enjoyed learning things. On the other hand, if there is some Peter Pan jumping up and down in the corner chanting, "Yah-yah, yah-yah, Nigel Kennedy sucks, Nigel Kennedy sucks and so do you" it is kind of boring.

So: instead of trading careless stereotypes and sloppy insults, somebody just explain what they mean when they talk about things being
"hard-boiled" -- or not? Or, if that isn't possible, somebody could even start by saying why HARD TIME is not hard-boiled? Or THE WIRE IN THE BLOOD? Or, if you like, why THE BIG SLEEP is? I love pinning these things down. If I wanted to watch a meaningless ruckus, I could go and hang out with an old friend who is working weekends down in Islington as a night club bouncer.

Living dangerously,


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