RARA-AVIS: And thanks for the fish

From: pabergin ( pabergin@gte.net)
Date: 29 Aug 2000

Goodnight & goodbye.

It's been fun - sort of.

Tonight I got the following message from Uberlistkapitan Denton: <I will not stand for messages like this.>

Jeez, I thought it was okay to express an idea in language stronger than babytalk. Wrong.

I actually thought that it was permissable to express an opinion that might not be greeted with cheers. Wrong again.

It is SO depressing to think that one can be wrong twice out of two. Kinda takes the heart out of ye.

Then you get this snitty thing from Uberlistkapitan Denton telling you to behave.

Fuck that. I'm outa here. I wanted this kind of intellctually bankrupt nonsense, I'da stuck with DotL. Happy sailing, Paul

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