Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Once more into the breech. . . .

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 29 Aug 2000

Doug wrote:

"Nobody ever seems to want to listen to my pet idea about this :), but I would like to suggest again that there's such a thing as the
"non-hardboiled private eye novel". . . . (A lot of the later Scudders also seem to me to belong to this catagory, although I haven't read EVERYBODY DIES.)"

I'll agree with this. There is a hefty overlap between the PI genre and hardboiled, but there are hardboiled books without PIs and PI books that aren't hardboiled.

And I agree that the recent Scudders, including Everybody Dies, falls into the latter category. Isn't it ironic that the books got less hardboiled when Scudder finally got a PI license. Or maybe not, considering one of the things I value in hardboiled is the outsider status of the hero and Scudder's going legit is another step in his increasing respectability.


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