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From: William Denton (
Date: 28 Aug 2000

On 28 August 2000, Frank A. Salamone wrote:

: I agree with you 100%. You beat me to it. I am a college professor,
: know noir, and still would have gone to the list because I don't know
: it all.

The books we've read on the list make for good possibilities [1]. Also, the two checklists I typed in will give some food for thought, especially if you want to throw in some Hemingway, Greene or Kerouac (!) and see if you and your students think they fit, although there's a lot more straight HB on there than noir. On the other hand, since you're tying it to film, do you want only books that have been adapted? What was on your list for the previous hardboiled dick class you mentioned?

I think you should make sure DOUBLE INDEMNITY is on the list. Great book, great movie. Top-notch all around. The second Library of America volume which you mention would be another great one.



P.S. The prof who taught me "American Fiction After 1960" assigned one book he hadn't read and one he had but didn't understand. It was a good course, although I didn't think much of many of the books.

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