Re: RARA-AVIS: Setting the record straight: the N word/Sexuality

From: Ned Fleming (
Date: 23 Aug 2000

Is it possible -- no, is it likely -- that Peteriffic could post and I could not respond? Negatory!

Peter Walker wrote:

> Just to set the record straight - if
> this is needed - Mr P used the word
> "nigger" - hateful word that it is - to

Dearie me! And you quoted him without writing n****r? Couldn't you have spared Kevin's delicate, childlike ears?

> One thing was clear about Mr P, he has a
> lot of principals and integrity from his
> personal experiences. He hates racism
> and guns and he writes about that - very
> well in my opinion.

Negroes with guns are intolerable. See:

They must be controlled by whitey, who knows best.


Is there an appliance any more integral to hardboiled writing than a gat, a heater, a piece, a shooter, the big heat, the lead-sender, the equalizer? I suppose a Fedora, if one could be stretched to fit Pete's head, would be more integral. But, I speckalate.


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