RARA-AVIS: Setting the record straight: the N word/Sexuality

From: Peter Walker ( peterwalker@webtribe.net)
Date: 23 Aug 2000

Just to set the record straight - if this is needed - Mr P used the word
"nigger" - hateful word that it is - to describe a situation in which racism was the issue. If people see a black person reach into their pockets the assumption is they are going for a gun so they got shot.

Whever-or-not there was 1,2 or 3 such killings - and I can recall several that made the UK news in other US cities eg Detriot - and one which included an incident where a black off duty cop was thrown thru a window - seems to me to be irrevant.

One thing was clear about Mr P, he has a lot of principals and integrity from his personal experiences. He hates racism and guns and he writes about that - very well in my opinion.

Finally, Mr P was reacting to comments made by someone Ed. I don't think he'd read your article until after I spoke to him (in CT 3.3) but I think he'd disagree with them anyway. Karras, eg, has 'sexual' problems vis his realtionships with women. Coopers
'sexual' realtionship with BR isn't
'gay' but one of power. There aren't any clear dividing lines between 'good' and
'bad' and this is seen very clearly in the next two books in the Quartet.


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