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Date: 04 Aug 2000

At 05:20 PM 8/4/00 -0400, you wrote:
>I read OPERATION FIREBALL the other day and liked it. It gets a little
>unbelievable at the end, when Earl Drake and three guys con their way into
>Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and then break out and head to Havana to steal
>millions of hidden dollars, but it's a good tough story without any
>frippery. Is this the first Drake book? He comes off as a cross between
>Parker and McGee. It's the first one I've read, but I'll look for more.

Actually, the only the first two books are excellent, after that, they're just standard 60s spy stories. The Name of the Game is Death and it's sequel, One Endless Hour, are much better hard-boiled stories. Closer to Parker with no traces of McGee, except, as someone else said, rage is the motivating force behind Earl Drake's persona. "Hour" also had a slightly different title in some editions, but I can't remember it.

As for the plot point:

(don't scroll down if you may want to read this book in the future)

Since this is actually a government operation, security was probably instructed "hands off." That's why it's so easy to get onto and out of Gitmo.

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