Re: RARA-AVIS: The Long Good Friday

Date: 03 Aug 2000

Bob Hoskins: it was this great film by J. Mackenzie (who did When The Sky Fall this year), which revealed him to the public and, as I said in my last e-mail, the last 5 minutes are worth a million films and they are all Bob's...and Pierce Brosnan as a nasty guy (first time on screen I gather)...this is at least on par with Wild Bunch of Pekinpah... Check out the comments and all credits on the best Cine web searcher: There is also the famous yank actor Eddie Constantine, famous for the French only unfortunately and JL Godard of course...worth viewing for that too and for the incredible diatribe by Hoskins against the US Mafia...nasty, nasty, nasty...and therefore beautiful...

Steve Novak France & Detroit

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