RARA-AVIS: The Woman Chaser, a review

From: Pieter Johan Pijpers ( pjp@xs4all.nl)
Date: 22 Jul 2000

_The_Woman_Chaser_ *** 1/2

First-time writer-director Robinson Devor's low-budget ($800,000) adaptation of Charles Willeford's novel proves that a strong character and a little ingenuity can sidestep any monetary limitations. And is there ever a character at the center of this noir satire: Richard Hudson (Patrick Warburton), a bored used car salesman in '60s L.A. who is inspired to make his own film--a decision that sets off an often stingingly funny, completely out-of-control chain of events.
 Devor is painstakingly accurate in capturing the details of films from the era: the fashions and cars, the shiny sheen of '60s L.A. as seen through a black-and-white lens, the hard-boiled voiceover narration--delivered to deadpan perfection by Warburton, whose performance as the antihero is nothing short of superb. Devor is more adept at the comedic aspects of the film than the darker elements
(and things do take a turn, in keeping with the genre), but when he gets as much right as he does here, that's a petty complaint.

Michael Dequina

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