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Date: 20 Jul 2000

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> He
> was republished by Hugo Gernsback and read by American kids in Idaho in
> the '30s. Same story, perhaps, but very different.

"Grabbing the latest BLACK MASK from the crippled newsie on the corner, tossing him a quarter and slapping a Lucky in your yap while you ankle over to the automat for a coffee and a sinker is a hell of a lot different from ordering a Library of America omnibus edition from Amazon while liberating personal time from your boss in your cubicle at work."

Now that's a sentence! I especially love the way it effortlessly segues from old school ambience and lingo - what with Lucky's and automats, and ankling and sinkers - straight to the modern day computerized cubicle. Bravo!

Bill, I'm guessing a sinker is a donut. True?

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