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> I am very fond of his Cool-Lam series written as A.A. Fair. They are fast
> and
> exciting reads, with plenty of humor and great dialogue. His old stories
> from
> the pulps are also very interesting. They guy had a tremendous imagination
> in
> those days (some of the Ed Jenkins stories were reprinted by Carroll &
> If Gardner had continued in this vein, he could have become a Bellem. He
> certainly knew how to do the hardboiled "primitive" act.

I'm fairly new to this list and this is my first time chiming in. I recieve this in the digest form and must say this particular batch of posts has been quite user friendly and rewarding to the new-comer. I'm just about 5 years into my passonate/obessesion with HB and Pulp related topics. About a year ago I discovered, among others, Bellem. I see in the note I've copied above that ESG's A.A. FAir, and some early works under ESG were as hard-boiled and
"primitive" as Bellem. I thank you greatly for this tip. Being a fan of late 50's early 60's TV Perry Mason, I have collected the books but have not gotten around to giving them the time they obviously deserve. The same with A.A. Fair. I pick them up when I see them but do the same with dozens of books and some get read before others. Your post has shuffled my "next read" priorities. Thanx. I appreciate alot of tips like this that I've picked up here and appreciate all descriptive comments about authors, old and new, that I see here. Thanx again. - JJ

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