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From: Mbdlevin@aol.com
Date: 19 Jul 2000

Bill Denton asks:

<< Speaking of academic stuff: Doug Levin, when's that volume of literary
 biography with your entry on Willeford (and Kathy Harper's on Burnett, I
 think) coming out? >>

I was going to wait for someone else to speak up on this, but since Bill has asked, I'll answer. The volume (#226 of the Dictionary of Literary Biography--large baby blue volumes in academic and a lot of public libraries), "American Hard-Boiled Crime Writers" just came out. American means North American, it would seem, since Ross Macdonald makes it. That one is by Rara-Avian Frederick Zackel, as is the piece on E. Leonard. Kathy Harper did Nebel and Burnett. I have not read the whole volume. It's a little hit and miss on which authors made it, not so much by deliberate editorial omission but because of challenges in finding contributors (no Rabe or Whittington, for instance, but Steve Fisher makes it). I haven't read the volume yet, but the entries are usually relatively detailed (my Willeford entry is about 6,000 words) and they have supporting artwork. The book is a library reference work and it is pricey, $155 plus shipping. You can order it from the Gale Group at 1-800-347-4253. Gale stuff is also available in electronic form, often through academic libraries and even some public libraries. I don't know if this stuff is up yet.

On other semi-academic news, a lot of the Willeford archive is now at the Bienes Center for the Literary Arts in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (The other part of the archive is at Boston University). If you're in Florida and you don't want to golf or sit on the beach, you could go check ou the stuff. Here's a URL.


When the collection was formally announced, there was a great display of items (including a copy of Sideswipe with bullet holes sent by an irate anonymous fan), a film screening, and some talks.

Doug 3

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